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Emulate: to match or surpass, typically by imitation.

This is the catalyst that fosters our ability to cultivate, then create and commemorate.
We specialize in emulating your current project, or creation of a new one.
Enhance, intensify, magnify, elevate, augment, reinforce…
Say it like you mean it, say it in STEEL!

Art Awards

Top 10 Artists

Designers’s Choice competition “Best mural of the year” 2014


Painter’s Choice competition “Expressionist of the year” 2015


“Only First Half Competition” Grand Prize 2016

Sculpture Contest

Grand-Prize Winner in the “New Artists” Category 2015


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful pieces you made for Ian & Emily! I still don’t know how you got all that info and made that happen!


I had a good friend make this for the pro shop at Paradise Lanes. The company that made it…
If anyone would like me to get them one made, send me your vector file of your company logo in a PM and I can send it on or you can send an email direct to the website listed above. Go check out the website to look at the fantastic work that he does

-Brian Edwards

My grandson just got one of your giraffes. He proudly hung it on his bedroom wall and takes everyone to his room to admire it. Thank you.


This thing is awesome. Highly recommend them and I can’t thank them enough. It’s the first thing you’ll see when you walk in the door.

-Randy Macomber

Paradise Lanes

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