Custom Metal Signs Tacoma


We design and create custom metal signs in Tacoma WA that can be used exclusively for functional purposes, or in a decorative role.

If you need custom metal signs in Tacoma with dimensional sign letters, you will truly appreciate our creative workmanship.

We can work with your ideas for custom metal signs in Tacoma, or create a unique and rich design at affordable prices for a variety of end uses, such as:

  • Corporate or business metal signage
  • Custom metal signs in Tacoma for special events
  • Metal signs for churches & learning institutions
  • Unique metal signs for your personal residence

We are experienced in working with clients that have basic ideas, and turning those ideas into unique custom metal signs in Tacoma.

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Metal Artwork Tacoma

Each piece of metal artwork in Tacoma that we are honored to create energizes and motivates us on to undertake projects at an even higher level of creativity and originality!

Our unique styles and designs are the result of creative talent, a highly skilled metal fabricator, and state-of-the-art equipment working in concert to fabricate fine metal artwork in Tacoma.

We are driven by innovation, artistic expression, and the ability to give form and context to our metal artwork in Tacoma.

The following is a brief description of what we do. As a creative artist and metal artwork fabricator in Tacoma, the artist has nine main categories of art works, each with a built-in gallery:

  • Murals
  • Abstract paintings
  • Expressionist sculptures
  • Performance art
  • Digital art
  • Commercial work
  • Drawings
  • 3D art
  • Installations

Call Steelzilla to take you into a fresh world of pure creative metal artwork in Tacoma! (253) 820-5600

Metallic Artwork Tacoma

If you enjoy any art work that is crafted from the ores of the earth, you may be interested in the unique metallic artwork in Tacoma created and crafted by our expert artist!

We can create a broad range of metallic artwork displays in Tacoma using refined colors, or even a grayscale image that may include depictions such as:

  • Garden metal artworks
  • A still-life of metal gears or industrial buildings
  • Scenic metallic artwork images in Tacoma
  • Metal coins, automobiles or bicycles
  • Metal art abstract creatures

Our metallic artwork in Tacoma can capture the very essence of something you find interesting, important, or sophisticated.

Call Steelzilla for an impressive metallic artwork piece in Tacoma, whether you choose rich color, or gray scale art with its power to reveal the intrinsic nature of the chosen subject matter. (253) 820-5600